Acquastop flood protection panels to protect shopping centres, industries, and warehouses.

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Buildings like warehouses, businesses, and shopping centres have many large and small entries that are critical spots where water may enter. Acquastop® has created products that can protect each one of these entries. In this article, we will present a summary of the primary solutions.

From the structural point of view, facilities such as industrial buildings and shopping centres present fairly similar complexities, but different uses, activities carried out, and types of people who frequent them can determine which solutions to choose.

Implementing flood protection projects for these buildings requires experience and a comprehensive protection perspective, as often unique problems are encountered that can only be solved by customised solutions.

Common problems in large buildings
Protecting these buildings involves technical problems and difficulties that Acquastop® products have largely eliminated. Let’s quickly analyse some of the most common ones.

These buildings have large entrances. The critical spots are not only found in the large entrance doors of industrial buildings, warehouses, and large shops but also in the entrances to company service yards and car parks, whether they are at ground level or underground. When there is a wide flood front, it is difficult to handle large barriers, both for mobility and positioning.

These buildings also have many secondary entrances or emergency or service exits that, although smaller, still represent risk points that need to be secured. When there are many entrances, placing the whole complex of barriers to protect large or small fronts can be time-consuming and involve several people.

Considering the need to remove the panels at the end of the emergency, the time required and the resources involved in securing the building become particularly important for all structures located in areas subject to frequent flooding.

These buildings also have underground areas used as car parks, warehouses, storage areas, or used to house machinery, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Due to their location being below ground level, these areas are exposed to the risk of total flooding. Finally, the outsides of these complexes have ventilation inlets, window wells, and drainage grates, which are critical points where large amounts of water can enter.


Acquastop Classic® is a modern, high-performance line of barriers, perfect for effectively protecting these types of structures.

These aluminium flood protection panels are custom-made up to 3 metres. If the width of the opening exceeds these dimensions, several panels can be combined by inserting removable posts. In this way, vast flood fronts can be secured.

When the emergency is over, the posts are also removed, and the slot in the base is covered with an interlocking element that leaves no trace.

The advantages of Classic panels are their versatility and technical performance. The innovative feature of these barriers is that, as they rest directly on the door or window frame, they do not require metal profiles or other permanent support elements, which could mar the building’s appearance or cause injury. In the case of off-axis, shaped window or door frames, or other unique problems, ad hoc supports are made, which are also removable.

Another unique feature of this line is easy positioning, made possible by EasyStop®, the system designed by Acquastop that simplifies the protection placement. Once placed on one side of the opening, this patented mechanism allows the barrier to be extended using a lever to cover the entire opening, correctly compressing the gaskets.

The lightness of the barriers and the easy positioning system make it possible to place many panels quickly and secure the entire building in a short time.

Acquastop paratia classic

Acquastop paratia classic


Modular is the removable flood protection system with stackable slats and lateral guides. The slats are placed on top of each other until the desired height is reached. Thanks to the height modularity, it is easy to place the number of slats needed for protection at the time.

The Acquastop Modular line is designed to protect large flood fronts, and the slat system allows large barriers to be set up, even by a single individual. Side compression levers ensure a secure fit between the slats.

These panels are manufactured up to a maximum width of 350 centimetres (and a height of 220 centimetres). Beyond this width, several barriers are joined in series by inserting removable posts.

Acquastop paratia modular


Integra panels are designed to protect those locations that can be completely flooded due to their location. This is the case for all below ground locations in both commercial and industrial buildings, which are used as car parks or storage areas or for storing various types of machinery.

Integra panels are custom-made for the access to be protected and cover the entire area, hermetically sealing off the entrance to the location. They are positioned and removed like a normal flood barrier.

This line also features the EasyStop® easy positioning system described above.

Integra panels are also made in the Swing version. These special panels are equipped with hinges and a lock that transform them into proper flood protection doors, an ideal solution to permanently protect rooms exposed to frequent flooding and avoid the recurrent positioning of the protections.

Acquastop paratia integra

Acquastop paratia integra

Integra panels are also used to close all external openings that are dangerous water entry points, such as window wells, aeration vents, and drainage grates. They are reliable panels with excellent pressure resistance. Tests carried out on a 100×205 cm panel recorded a load of up to 4.9 T of water, which would be like placing an elephant on top of it.

Acquastop paratia integra


Classic Swing® is the solution created by Acquastop to permanently protect locations that are subject to frequent flooding. They are flood protection gates that avoid the need to continuously place and remove the panels.

Classic Swing gates are also equipped with the EasyStop® device that, besides simplifying opening and closing, also allows the gate to open inward, avoiding encroaching on the space outside the property.

The gates have a single door that is 3 metres long. If the opening is larger or when needed for practical use, a double door solution is adopted.


Protecta is the revolutionary Acquastop system that makes a motorised rolling shutter watertight.

This solution allows any new or existing motorised rolling shutter to be transformed into a flood protection panel. The hermetic elements in the kit are fixed permanently and allow the rolling shutter to carry out the flood protection function whenever it is closed.

Acquastop paratia protecta

Each Acquastop® line of flood protection panels has unique features designed to effectively respond to problems and specific needs.

Each building access has different critical issues that must be analysed and resolved individually, but always with a view to a broader flood protection project, which considers all the problems of the commercial or industrial structure.

Therefore, it is essential to always request an inspection by a qualified expert who will analyse the situation and develop a complete flood protection project. Acquastop technicians are trained and able to find standard or customised solutions to even complex problems.

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Acquastop® panels were subjected to demanding tests by the Giordano Institute, the most authoritative organisation in the industry. Acquastop Classic® and EasyStop® are patented systems.