Acquastop® is looking east.

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The new partner for the distribution of Acquastop® products in Japan is the company Kurata Industries Co. Ltd with headquarters in Fukuoka, a city located on the island of Kyushu.

We are very proud to have signed an important agreement that will allow the company to expand its market in Japan through a partnership with a company that has more than 100 years history, Kurata Industries Co. Ltd.

Kurata Industries was founded in 1922, the main activities of the company include the sale, installation, maintenance and overhaul of pumps for government and municipal water infrastructure and related structures. It also carries out engineering, construction, design and quality control work.

The headquarters of the company is in Fukuoka, the main city in the prefecture of Fukuoka, located on the north coast of the island of Kyushu. The city stretches along the shore of Hakata Bay and has been a centre of international trade since ancient times. The area was long considered the gateway to Japan because of its proximity to mainland Asia.

Fukuoka is the most populous city on the island with a population of 2.5 million people and is the economic heart of the region of Kyushu, with an economy primarily centred on the service sector. It is also the Japanese city with the highest number of startups and is home to many small businesses that play a supporting role in the logistics, information technology and high-tech manufacturing sectors.

Even Japan has been subjected to an abnormal climate due to global warming that has caused unprecedented flooding, a phenomenon that is increasingly frequent on an ever-growing scale and also sees soil nature and urbanisation as contributing factors. In recent years, damage to property and assets has increased and the situation in the future may be worse.

In January 2022 Kurata Industries created the “Solutions Business Department” with the goal of developing new business opportunities in the water segment, in particular in flood prevention by aiming to introduce new technology and unique products to Japan.

The company carefully evaluated many products looking for originality, quality and effectiveness and considered Acquastop® flood barriers to be products with great potential given their distinctive characteristics such as the quality of the materials, technical construction, ease of use and aesthetic

The range of products distributed cover all the main flood areas:

Acquastop® Classic
Tailor-made and versatile flood barriers suitable to protect homes and business that are simple to manage and quick to install.

Acquastop® Extesa
Flood barriers with width adjustment and “DIY” installation suitable to protect homes, shops, public buildings and any other openings.

Acquastop® Integra
Tailor-made flood barriers for integral protection of doors and windows that are suitable for basements, warehouses, underpasses, garages, air vents and all premises which, due to their position, are subjected to total flooding.

Acquastop® flood barriers are subjected to stringent tests by the Giordano Institute, the most authoritative body in the sector. Acquastop Classic® and EasyStop® are patented systems.