Flood protection of a historic building on the banks of the Seine.

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This particularly interesting flood protection intervention was carried out by 2 L’Eau Protection, an expert in flood risk management and official Acquastop® distributor for France.
The engineer from the owner’s insurance agency asked 2 L’Eau to inspect a historic building located in the floodplain of the Seine River, south of Paris. The river overflowed in June 2016 and January 2018, flooding parts of the Paris region.

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Ten months after the flooding, Nassogne protects its public buildings.

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Like other residents of Wamme, the sports centre of the Belgian football club FC Bande was severely impacted by the floods of 14 July 2021, which heavily damaged the ground and the bar. Today the club looks to the future. The city recently completed the installation of the flood protection system performed by Point Technique, the Acquastop distributor for Belgium.

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Acquastop flood protection panels protect historical and prestigious buildings.

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Buildings such as churches, museums, monuments, castles, and ancient mansions represent a priceless heritage. Flooding is one of the most devastating destructive events, especially for these properties.

Preventing flooding of these buildings is a delicate operation that requires professionalism and experience. Acquastop® has performed numerous flood-protection interventions on ancient buildings creating reliable solutions also designed with the help of advanced technology.

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Acquastop flood gates to protect homes, villas, condominiums, shops and offices.

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The wide range of flood protection systems may initially confuse those looking for specific solutions, whether simple or complex. This is why we wanted to create a simple guide that helps those who want to protect homes, shops, offices and locations such as garages, depots, basements, and gardens from flooding choose the most suitable Acquastop panel for their needs.

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