Do you know how to be safe during flooding?

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An anti-flooding barrier is a removable, sealed barrier which is applied in front of building entrances to prevent water from entering premises in the event of flooding.

Acquastop anti-flooding barriers past tests carried out by the prestigious Istituto Giordano with flying colours, involving the simulation of their use under extreme conditions.

Almost all our barriers are made to measure. Recently we have created and released "EXTESA" on the market, a barrier model that is easily adjustable directly by the customer, without the need for installers or specialised technicians.

Acquastop barriers distinguish themselves from other anti-flooding barriers in virtue of two fundamental characteristics: they do not require profiles or fixed guides and are easily applied thanks to the exclusive patented system "Easystop".

Extesa is the Acquastop anti-flooding barrier with DIY installation. The distinguishing characteristic of Extesa is a width adjustment mechanism, so that the barrier adapts perfectly to any door, gate, shutter or other openings. Anti-flooding barrier installation is simple, quick and does not require professional or specialised installation.
Acquastop Extesa does not require the installation of fitted guides, profiles, fixing holes, columns or building work as it fits directly onto the existing wall, against the opening.

Acquastop anti-flooding barriers are made entirely of aluminium, making them light and easy to handle. Thanks to their lightness and the patented system Easystop which simplifies installation, they can be rapidly applied and removed by anyone.

Acquastop barriers for home use do not require profiles or fixed guides, which is why they are non-hazardous and do not affect building aesthetics. In the event of more extensive flooding, safety works in public areas or on business premises involve the use of hidden profiles and removable elements, ensuring full compatibility with the architectonic context.

INTEGRA solutions by Acquastop are designed to integrally seal doors, windows, hoppers and drainage grids and can be mounted vertically or horizontally on foot traffic.
The Integra barrier, horizontally positioned to protect drainage grids and hoppers, provides excellent resistance against pressure. A 100 x 205 cm barrier was tested against 4.9 T of water, the equivalent of a Hammer being parked on top.

The price of a single barrier varies according to size. Request a quote, we'll get back to you right away!

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